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OCIMF released, A Guide to Best Practice for Navigational Assessments and Audits

New information paper released


OCIMF has released a new information paper, A Guide to Best Practice for Navigational Assessments and Audits.

Navigational assessments and audits help vessel owners, operators and Masters to identify areas for improvement and increase safety. They also assure companies that high standards of navigation and watchkeeping are being maintained.

While a wide range of navigational assessments are used in the industry, there is no common standard, and a lack of available guidance means that audits and assessments can vary in quality.

This information paper gives guidance on how to conduct a good navigational assessment, including:

  • How assessments should be designed.
  • Why assessments are carried out.
  • Who should carry out assessments.
  • How an assessor should conduct assessments.
  • How the results can be used to identify trends and training requirements.

The paper also features a template that companies can use as a guide when developing their own navigational assessments.


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