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Tanker Accident Database

Tanker Accident Database

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The Learning Lessons, Accidents, Statistics and Trends (LLAST) database, known as the Tanker Accident Database, provides an anonymous reporting tool for use by vessel owners and technical managers to document measurable accident data. The aim is to collate anonymous tanker accident details which, over time, will allow for root cause analysis of tanker accidents, preventing the occurrence of repeat accidents and leading to further advances in maritime best practice and safety.
There has been a strong uptake in participants registering their interest by signing up to join a mailing list.  Please take a moment to visit the Tanker Accident Database website and register your interest. Registered users will be alerted once the database goes live.
For more information contact:
Dave Wall, Senior Technical Advisor, at dave.wall@ocimf.org
Ricardo Martinez, Technical Adviser (Engineering), at ricardo.martinez@ocimf.org

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