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Safety supervision

D. van Wolferen Marine Inspection & Consultant together with her partners Holl Maritime and Avisco Marine Inspection BV, we can provide safety supervision on board your vessels were required.

For charterers, operators and terminals we can perform safety supervision of vessels operation during her entire port call. Vessels crew and equipment will be observed on the spot during cargo, cleaning, sweeping, pre-wash and bunker operations.

In case of deviations from safety procedures operations will be stopped and corrective action taken, upon request followed by crew training. Included is the check of correct use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and the various checklists in use: SSSCL (ship shore safety checklist), checklists for STS (ship to ship) operations and  ”tank entry permits”.

All our inspectors are available on short notice and will stay on board, if required, from gangway down until departure.