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Third party vetting and clearing assessments

D. van Wolferen Marine Inspection & Consultant works together with our associated partners Holl Maritime and Avisco Marine Inspection BV as a third party vetting and clearing assessment team. This service is for clients who require a proper solid risk assessment before using a certain vessel.

A thorough assessment of the latest available information will minimize the risks involved when using a certain vessel and same time will result in a more efficient and cost effective organisation.

Chartering a vessel without a proper risk assessment by means of a thorough screening process can result in damage to the good name and reputation of the charterer, cargo claims and increasing operational costs and delays.

Our vetting department consists of fully accredited (oil, chem and gas) SIRE and CDI inspectors who are also still actively involved in performing these SIRE and CDI inspections. This ensures that they are always aware of the latest developments in the industry guidelines and the details of present day SIRE and CDI questionnaires in use.

Besides of a thorough review of the vessels latest SIRE and/or CDI report also the latest VPQ and officer matrix will be assessed during the vetting process. Each 
and every observation will be reviewed for a proper close out by the responsible operator, in case of doubt or missing information in the operators comments to a particular observation the report assessor will contact the operator in order to discuss proper follow up.

As we have assessors spread out over different time zones we basically can provide our services 24/7. Our system is based on the goal that within 2 hours after receiving a vetting request the assessment result is forwarded to the client.

The hardware / information part of the assessment report will be automatically processed by our computer program that was specially developed for this purpose, however we guarantee that all observations and the VIQ and matrix will be completely manually reviewed by one of our assessors.

This manual screening process prevents that automation is assessing a vessel as suitable, or rejecting a vessel, on the basis of a certain number of observations, and / or a combination of a certain number of observations and the risk rating of these individual observations, only.

We take a look at the whole picture provided by the latest available information and based on that screening process the assessor will make his decision. In case a vessel will be ‘rejected’ the decision will always be discussed by at least 2 members of the vetting team including one senior assessor.

Our assessment will be performed based on the individual vetting requirements of each client. Statistical information regarding the vessels screened in the past can be made available by our computerized database.