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OCIMF’s Tanker Management and Self Assessment programme was introduced in 2004 as a tool to help vessel operators assess, measure and improve their safety management systems. It complements industry quality codes and is intended to encourage self-regulation and promote continuous improvement among tanker operators.

The programme encourages vessel operators to assess their own safety management system against listed key performance indicators and provides best practice guidance on how to attain appropriate standards of safety performance. Vessel operators are encouraged to use their assessment results to develop phased improvement plans that can be applied, as appropriate, across their entire fleet and to share TMSA’s with potential charterers via the TMSA database.

Operators are encouraged to regularly review and update their TMSA, at least annually, in the interest of continuous improvement.

D. van Wolferen Marine Inspection & Consultant performs TMSA audits on behalf of OCIMF submitted members. Also we can assist operators to set up their TMSA programme as well as reviewing their TMSA rating and their improvement.